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10-minute legs bums and tums workout

The Legs, Bums, and Tums workout (LBT) is a classic training program that still has a lot of merits today. Get ready to sweat, burn calories, and sculpt your dream lower body with our 10-minute Legs, Bums, and Tums workout.

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10-minute legs bums and tums workout
  • Classic workout favoured by women that is growing in popularity with both genders.
  • Perfect for building muscle tone and strengthening your core and obliques.
  • A ten-minute workout is all you need for high-quality legs, bums, and tums workout.
  • Adding squats, lunges, and crunches into your routine will give you a well-rounded training experience.

Legs bums and tums workouts: FAQs

  • Is a legs, bums and tums workout good for losing weight?

    Yes! Legs, bums, and tums workouts are great for various fitness objectives, including losing weight, targeting stubborn fat around these areas, and enhancing your fitness levels. The Body Coach is a particular fan of it.

  • What exercises are in a legs bums and tums class?

    Legs, bums and tums workouts involve a variety of exercises, including squats, lunges, calf raises, and stomach crunches. Legs, bums and tums workouts are ideal for enhancing your core strength and general fitness and these specific areas. An LBT workout uses no equipment.

  • Does the legs, bums, and tums workout target the upper body lower body, or is it a full-body workout?

    The legs, bums, and tums workout is a lower-body workout. An abs workout (tums) is grouped with the lower body, despite your abs being in the torso. Legs and bums are lower-body exercises.

  • How many calories do you burn doing legs, bums and tums?

    The number of calories burned during a Legs, Bums, and Tums workout can range from 200 to 400 calories in a 30-minute session. However, this can vary based on factors such as workout intensity, duration, individual body weight, and metabolic rate.

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Maintaining a healthy body weight becomes increasingly important for overall well-being as we age. With this targeted workout, you can effectively burn calories, boost your metabolism, and reduce body fat, all in just 10 minutes a day. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or new to exercise, this routine is tailored to suit your needs and will help you achieve a healthier, more confident you.

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What is a legs bums and tums workout?

A Legs, Bums, and Tums workout, often abbreviated as LBT, is a popular exercise routine focusing on toning and strengthening the lower body muscles, including the legs, glutes (bums), and abdominal muscles (tums). This comprehensive workout targets multiple muscle groups simultaneously, helping you achieve a well-rounded physique. By incorporating various exercises such as lunges, squats, and core-focused movements, a Legs, Bums, and Tums workout sculpts and tones your lower body and helps improve overall core stability and posture.

Whether you go to an LBT class or follow a legs, bums and tums home workout on YouTube, you will invariably come across different LBT workouts. Some LBT workouts focus more on resistance training, incorporating weights and resistance bands, while others involve more cardio work.

This workout is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels and can be adapted to meet specific goals and preferences. Whether you’re aiming to improve muscle definition, increase strength and stability, or simply enhance your overall fitness, a Legs, Bums, and Tums workout provides a comprehensive approach to target and strengthen these vital muscle groups.

As much as we’d all love to be the case, you can’t choose where your body burns fat from, and working those problem areas won’t necessarily burn fat from them. But providing that you eat healthily, a regular general fat-burning workout, such as an LBT, will help to slim you down and burn fat from your legs, bum and abs.

Is an LBT workout for me?

Whether you're looking to shape and tone your lower body, improve your fitness level, or simply add variety to your exercise routine, a Legs, Bums, and Tums workout offers a dynamic and effective way to target and strengthen the muscles in your legs, bums, and tums.

The benefits of a Legs, Bums, and Tums workout extend beyond the physical aspect. It can also boost confidence, improve posture, and enhance overall body awareness. Additionally, this workout can contribute to increased calorie burn, which can be helpful for weight management and reducing body fat.

The benefits of an LBT workout

Not only will adhering to a regular LBT workout help you lose weight but it can also:

  • Reduce muscle loss
  • Make your legs and core stronger
  • Increase your energy levels
  • Increase your flexibility and mobility
  • Boost your mental wellbeing

10-minute LBT workout for over 50s

How many sets of each legs bums and tums exercise should I do?

If you're a beginner or new to these exercises, starting with two sets per exercise is recommended. This allows your body to adapt to the movements and gradually build strength and endurance. As you become more comfortable and your fitness level improves, you can gradually increase the number of sets to continue challenging yourself.

Ultimately, listening to your body and paying attention to how it responds to the workouts is crucial. If you can consistently complete the planned sets easily, it may indicate that you can increase the number of sets to continue challenging yourself. On the other hand, if you experience excessive fatigue or muscle soreness that hinders your performance, it may be a sign to reduce the number of sets or take adequate rest between sets.

Warm up first

You should always warm your body up first before starting a workout. Warming up before a workout is paramount as it prepares your body physically and mentally for the upcoming exercise session. A good warm-up routine should:

  • Gradually increase your heart rate
  • Improve blood flow
  • Raise your body temperature

This helps to loosen up your muscles, ligaments, and joints, increasing your flexibility, range of motion, and overall performance while reducing the risk of injuries.

Try following the dynamic stretches in our strength and mobility guide for over 50s.


Squats are known for being one of the most effective exercises for building and shaping your bum. The steps below outline how to complete a squat in good form: 

  1. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
  2. Put your arms out in front of you for extra balance.
  3. Bend your knees and lean forward a bit to lower yourself down.
  4. Do not let your knees go over your toes during the descent.
  5. Go down until your legs are about parallel with the floor.
  6. If going low is difficult, just bend down a bit instead.
  7. Push your heels into the floor and squeeze your glutes to come back up.
  8. That’s one repetition (rep).
  9. Do 12 reps per set.


Like squats, lunges are an all-around muscle-builder for your legs and glutes. They involve stepping forward or backwards with one leg while keeping the other leg stationary, creating a dynamic movement that engages the muscles in your legs and buttocks.

  1. Stand with your legs split apart, with your right leg in front and your left leg behind you.
  2. Bend both knees and lower yourself until both legs reach about 90 degrees.
  3. Do not let your knees go over your toes.
  4. Bend your legs to about 45 degrees if going low is difficult.
  5. Keep your weight on your heels and push back to the starting position.
  6. Repeat for 10 reps on each leg. 10 reps on each leg count as one set.


Crunches mainly work your abs but also help build core strength and stability. They are a common abdominal exercise that involves lying on your back, bending your knees, and using your abdominal muscles to lift your head, neck, and upper torso off the ground.

  1. Lie down on your back and bend your knees. Put your hands on your temples and keep your elbows flat.
  2. Stare up at a spot on the ceiling behind you, and imagine a tennis ball between your chin and your chest so that when you crunch up, your chin doesn’t move.
  3. Lift your torso off the floor while looking up at the ceiling, and keep your chin straight.
  4. Lower yourself back down to the resting position and repeat.
  5. Aim for 10 reps per set.

Back extensions

Back extensions target the muscles in the lower back by lying face down on a mat or bench and lifting the upper body off the ground while keeping the legs and hips stationary. These have been added to balance out this LBT workout as only focusing on ab exercises, not their opposing muscles, can contribute to posture problems.

  1. Lay down on your front with your hands on your temples.
  2. Gently raise your shoulders off the floor and feel the movement working your lower back.
  3. Keep your feet together and on the ground.
  4. Don’t raise up by more than a few inches.
  5. Aim to perform 10 reps.

Leg kickbacks

Leg kickbacks, also known as glute kickbacks, are an exercise that primarily targets the gluteal muscles. It involves positioning yourself on all fours, then extending one leg straight back while keeping the knee bent and lifting it towards the ceiling, engaging the glutes throughout the movement.

  1. Get into an all-fours position.
  2. Extend one leg behind you while keeping your abs tight and squeeze your butt as you straighten it out.
  3. Return your leg to the starting position and repeat.
  4. Do 12 reps on each leg (1 set).

Cool down stretches

After your workout, you should stretch the muscles you’ve worked to help alleviate delayed-onset muscle soreness (DOMS). Cooling down allows your heart rate to return to its resting rate gradually and helps prevent a sudden drop in blood pressure. It also allows for a gradual recovery of your breathing rate and body temperature, promoting relaxation and a sense of well-being.

Specifically, you should stretch your:

  • Quads
  • Hamstrings
  • Abs
  • Lower back

You should aim to hold each stretch for 20-30 seconds.

A longer and more challenging 30-minute legs bums and tums workout

If you're up for a longer, more challenging workout to target your legs, bums, and tums, a 30-minute session will take your fitness journey to the next level. With this extended duration, you have more time to focus on each muscle group and incorporate a wider range of exercises for maximum effectiveness.

You can intensify your lunges, squats, and leg kickbacks while adding movements such as step-ups, donkey kicks, and Russian twists to engage your core. By pushing yourself further and extending the workout time, you'll enhance muscle strength, increase calorie burn, and work towards achieving a sculpted and toned lower body.

Remember to maintain proper form throughout the routine, listen to your body, and take breaks to avoid overexertion. With dedication and consistency, this longer, more challenging 30-minute legs, bums, and tums workout will help you reach your fitness goals and transform your physique.

If, after a month of doing the above LBT routine, you’re hungry for something a bit more challenging and with more variety, have a look at the YouTube video below:

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