Longevitech TLV 2023: AgeGroup meets Emanuela Notari

AgeGroup is proud to sponsor Longevitech TLV 2023, taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on the 13th and 14th of February. Ahead of the event, we’ve interviewed many of the individuals who will be participating in Longevitech TLV 2023 to learn about them and their businesses. In this feature, we meet longevity consultant Emanuela Notari.

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Longevitech TLV 2023: AgeGroup meets Emanuela Notari
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Hi Emanuela. Thank you for taking the time to speak to us. Would you mind introducing yourself to our readers?

Hello! I’m Emanuela Notari and I’m a longevity consultant for the Italian market. I'm a partner and co-founder of A.L.I., Active Longevity Institute.

Amazing. What specific ageing issue or issues do you aim to address and transform through your work?

We work with financial advisors on longevity planning issues, deliver lectures on ageing and conduct surveys on new products, services and markets aimed at and relevant to older age groups. All our surveys are run on a proprietary panel.

In addition to this, we offer longevity advisory services to a range of businesses who are interested in delivering better solutions for seniors and hold educational courses and events.

Everything we do is self-funded via selling our consultancy services and finding enthusiastic sponsors for our events and surveys.

All those activities give you significant scope to make a positive difference in longevity. What’s the scale of the opportunity around what you’re doing in Italy?

Italy is the world’s second oldest country, after Japan.

However, despite the number of seniors living in Italy, the longevity economy in the country is still very much in its early stages, so the potential opportunity for businesses to gain a foothold in this market is significant.

Thanks again for your time, we look forward to seeing you at Longevitech!

Learn more about the Active Longevity Institute at https://www.activelongevity.eu/en/home/.

Longevitech TLV 2023 takes place across 13th – 14th February.

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