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Longevitech TLV 2023: AgeGroup meets Jill Lindgren from eLivelihood

AgeGroup is proud to sponsor Longevitech TLV 2023, taking place in Tel Aviv, Israel, on the 13th and 14th of February. Ahead of the event, we’ve interviewed many of the individuals who will be participating in Longevitech TLV 2023 to learn about them and their businesses. In this feature, we meet Jill Lindgren from eLivelihood.

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Longevitech TLV 2023: AgeGroup meets Jill Lindgren from eLivelihood
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Hi Jill, thanks for taking the time to speak to us. Would you mind introducing yourself and your business to Health Times readers?

Hello, I’m Jill Lindgren from eLivelihood. eLivelihood offers online and mobile platforms that focus on helping caregivers manage and organise the care, health, and finances of their ageing parents.

Thank you for that summary. eLivelihood seems like something that would be useful to anyone who looks after their parents whether full-time or otherwise. What is it that you’re specifically aiming to achieve?

eLivelihood creates a team environment for caregivers that puts everything they need in one easily accessible platform and allows them to collaborate and share the caregiving with family, friends and 3rd party caregivers. We are the only platform that focuses on not only the logistics but managing the finances in a transparent but secure manner.

Seems like you’ve got all the most significant bases covered. Can you tell us more about how eLivelihood does this?

We allow the primary caregiver to share the burden and coordinate information with the family through a platform that keeps everything in one place, keeps everyone informed and secured with customized permission settings for each team member. It includes task assignment, appointment updates, Safekeeper information storage for the will, medications, health, and important information. We also include the ability to track current financial account balances without giving access to the actual accounts. 

We also have a team-based financial solution that allows family members to contribute funds to an account to cover expenses like living expenses, medical bills, whatever is needed. Our system lets users send money to each other for re-imbursement and allows authorized family members to pay bills directly. Each deposit and transaction is available to the team so they see where the money came from and where it went. We also have reporting for expenses, mileage and time spent for everyone so it’s easy to see each member’s contributions and reduces the likelihood for financial fraud while creating empathy within the family.

We didn’t forget the most important family member, which is the person you’re caring for. We include an easy-to-use free tablet application, specifically designed for seniors. It allows the family to share important memories through pictures or videos and has a messaging system for them to keep in touch with everyone, no matter where they are.

That goes even further than I expected and sounds like it could bring a raft of benefits beyond its initial functions. What is the background to eLivelihood? How did you reach this point?

This is our management teams’ second start up. As entrepreneurs and primary caregivers ourselves, we knew there had to be a better way to do things so out of desperation on our part we decided to build a solution ourselves. We’ve been in business for nine years and started with almost two years of market research to make sure our solution really addressed all the issues caregivers face. We knew that including a financial solution was a must-have for families and then spent another year developing a one-of-a-kind solution to do just that.

As well as our consumer solution, eLivelihood also offers white label customized solutions to companies focusing on employee/member benefits, medical trials, healthcare facilities and financial services to name a few. Our unique team-based platform can be easily customised more economically than building new solutions from scratch.

Our base platform is currently available internationally, with the custom financial service available in the US and Canada. We have over one million paid subscribers from seven different countries and have plans to expand the financial solution internationally over the next two years.

Thanks again for taking the time to speak with us, and we look forward to seeing you at Longevitech!

You can learn more about eLivelihood at 

Longevitech TLV 2023 takes place across 13th – 14th February.

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