Can innovative face coverings really kill the Covid virus?

Can innovative face coverings really kill the Covid virus?

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A company in Milton Keynes has created anti-viral wearables, including face coverings that it claims can deactivate the Covid-19 virus and render it useless through modern technology. The self-proclaimed “transmission hackers” said that the products can turn people into sanitising shields and that it deactivates the virus “by stealth” as people mix again. So, can these wearables really help to kill the Covid virus?

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Covid-19 has been ruling our lives for nearly a year and a half, devastating businesses, taking away our freedoms, and causing death and chaos worldwide. However, since the initial outbreak, the world is in a far better position to tackle Covid, thanks to a range of stringent measures coupled with the development of vaccines.

However, one company in Milton Keynes claims to have developed wearables that can deactivate the virus as people start to mix again. Developed by Akhand Armour, the products are designed to turn users into walking sanitisers as they go about their business in the community. They were created by a strategist, Meena Hanspal, who has now been dubbed a “transmission hacker.”

She said, “As soon as infected droplets land on the wearables which are impregnated with a virus destroying tech, the outer wall of the coronavirus is destroyed rendering it useless.” She added, “Our methodologies neutralise the landed virus and bacteria. Killing it off means it cannot infect and cannot mutate. Not only do we mitigate contact-based transmission; we mitigate the likelihood of variants developing. By moving over to these wearables, we can help reduce background virus transference by removing landed infected droplets from circulation.”

A range of products developed

While face masks are likely to be the most effective wearable in the current climate, the company has developed a range of additional products. This includes glasses cases, mobile phone cases, and shopping bags, among other things.

The idea behind the products is to interrupt the transmission of the virus by destroying it as it attempts to jump from person to person. According to a recent press release, the system has been tested and certified at a UK laboratory. In addition, it is claimed that the system and products have proven effective against the spread of flu and bacteria as well as coronaviruses.

If the products are effective, they could provide a valuable additional layer of protection at a crucial time in the UK. With the Prime Minister confirming that most Covid and lockdown restrictions will be scrapped next week, society will be closer to “normal” than it has been in a long time. Venues are likely to be crowded again, nightclubs open, and people can freely mix without social distancing.

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